Interactive Renovation Design of Workplace

Nowadays office space is facing an increasingly expansion of requirements. Workers are the main factor of office space which are being ignored in comfort and humanity. Therefore, through investigation and analysis, The student found out that openness and privacy are the key to this problem. Then she started to reconsider the internal and architecture design via critical thinking of current situation to design the interior and architecture of the building.

In order to find the deeper and potential problems in public space, application of PoE (Post-occupancy evaluation) assessment method analysis helps to show the feedbacks that users' real experience in office building space. In this way, the student found out not only the lack of natural sunlight and insufficient public space are the main concerns, but users also do not satisfy with noise distraction while in a conversation. So insufficient privacy is the problem that need to be addressed in this project.

To address the problem mentioned above, the student designed a series of dynamic wall to optimize the noise level. During the relatively quiet period, the "Wall" keep closing to provide clearer space to passing by users. The closed pattern can reduce noise level. When it is opening, it serves as a rest spot for users to relax and chat.

The project has won The Best Undergraduate Thesis and Asian Annual Design Award in 2016

Designed by Chuou Zhang,

Instructed by Teng Teng