Digital Practice:

Digital Design and Fabrication International Workshop

@ School of Design in Shanghai Institution of Visual Art, Shanghai , China 2016

Collaborating Faculty: Prof. Brian R. Johnson, Prof. Kimo Griggs, Weida Huang

For a successful design project, the efficiency of design communication and the control of information-flow cannot be less important than the creativity of ideas. In response to the concurrent digital evolution emerging in the architectural industry world-wide, I invited the Department of Architecture at The University of Washington jointing the School of Design in Shanghai Institution of Visual Art hosting a 10-day intensive summer program named Digital Practice in SIVA campus.

The workshop was led by faculties from SIVA, UW and offers participants an opportunity to experience applications of digital technology during different stages of a design project, i.e. delivery, management and communication of design information under the team-based working environment. By learning advanced digital techniques through case studies in the context of fast-growing metropolis Shanghai, participants are expected to go beyond the conventional perception of technology, considering users and tools as a feedback-based entity instead of a dichotomy.

Three full scaled pavilions that designed and constructed through the workshop have been acquired by the Shanghai Museum of Trade for public display.

read more at here (Englighs) and here (Chinese)